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Warming waters heat up fishing costs along India’s Malabar Coast

Thankachan Polayalil has been a fisherman for 42 of his 65 years, long enough to remember when fish were visible from land, brimming just beyond the palm trees of the Malabar Coast. Now his boat is equipped with an echolocation machine, but fish still are hard to find – and the catch isn’t nearly as diverse. The anchovies are gone, and the mackerel now often swim in deeper water, making them harder to snare.

London’s RAW Wine fair to celebrate sustainable wines

This year’s RAW WINE fair (10th-11th March) will be celebrating the importance of sustainability by bringing together natural, organic and biodynamic wine producers who are all about minimal intervention in the vineyard and cellar. Promoting biodiversity and respecting life above ground and in the soil ensures vines are able to absorb key nutrients and increases the quality of the final wines.

Foraging recipes – wild miso

Winter shivers by in her coat of glass, spilling silver from her pockets as she goes. Frost clings to the mornings, glittering in the rising sun. Yet even now spring waits in the wings, ready with a prompt.

Sites in Iran, Morocco & Spain recognized as important for global agricultural heritage

A traditional saffron cultivation system in Iran, an argan-based agro-pastoral system in Morocco, and an ancient olive trees system in Spain have been recognised by the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS).

All the sites feature unique ways to produce nutritious foods and/or spices using traditional knowledge and skills while improving local people’s livelihoods and preserving biodiversity.