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‘What we’re eating is killing us’ – global nutrition report

‘What we’re eating is killing us’ – global nutrition report

Poor diets are among the top causes of ill health globally, accounting for nearly one in five deaths, according to a study published on Thursday (29th November 2018) that called on governments and businesses to do more to improve eating habits.

Eating unhealthy food, or not having enough food – including children unable to breastfeed – contribute to widespread malnutrition, said researchers behind the latest Global Nutrition Report.

Children and smokers face pesticide danger

Pesticides used in food, tobacco and marijuana production are placing children and smokers in potential risk, a study has found. Farmers across the world use pesticides to keep bugs and weeds at bay during the growing process. However, this often means these potent chemicals find their way into our bodies and can build up over time. An analysis of data from the US suggests that children and smokers of tobacco are being exposed to the highest levels of pesticide residues.