Current Commissions


Regular Contributors
Right now we’re looking for an interviewer for regular feature-length contributions.

We’d also like to add book reviewers and restaurant/store reviewers to our team.

If you’d like to get involved, send an email to editor@locavoremagazine.co

Issue Themes
We dedicate a run of pages to a special theme each issue. If you have expertise or experience relevant to each theme, we’d like to hear from you. Each theme is made up of a selection of features, profiles, interviews, opinion and reports.

  • Issue one: Seed
  • Issue two: Soil
  • Issue three: Sea
  • Issue four: Air

Some of the features we are researching and commissioning:

  • Local & Artisan Food in Belfast
  • Palm Oil & Deforestation
  • Rediscovering lost foods in Eastern Europe

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