Founding Subscriptions


Help Locavore get started by taking out one of the Founding Subscriptions packages.

Support the launch of Locavore by becoming a Founding Subscriber for 12 issues. For £64.00, you’ll get 12 issues for the cost of eight, with free shipping to the UK. And we’ll send you a free Locavore T-shirt.

Locavore is published four times a year, quarterly. 12 issues equates to a three-year subscription.

We are also offering a six-issue Founding Subscription, for £36.00 (NB this package offers slightly fewer benfits than those outlined below for a 12-issue package).


  • As a founding subscriber, we’ll guarantee you the same rate (four extra free issues when you subscribe for two years) when you re-subscribe.
  • You willl have priority and advance access to special offers.
  • You’ll have priority and advance access to any events we run during your subscription period. You’ll have a guaranteed minimum 10% discount on the price of tickets for these events.
  • You will be entitled to a 15% discount on any other Green Guide books or magazines published or available during your subscription period.
  • In addition, we’ll send you one of the specially-designed launch issue Locavore T-shirts. These are manufactured in an eco-friendly and ethical way, and made from organic cotton. When we receive your subscription, we’ll email you for your size and style. Your T-shirt will be despatched within 28 days of the publication of the first issue.
  • You’ll have our sincere thanks for helping us launch the magazine and we’ll add your name to our founders list on this website.

Don’t Live in the UK?
If you don’t live in the UK, but would still like to be a founding subscriber, chose one of the international delivery options. You’ll get the same rate on the magazine and the same benefits, but you will pay extra for delivery.