Friday Feed Update – 16th November 2018

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An update on our new local food directory and our ongoing work on the print magazine


Through our work on Locavore, we’ve researched a huge number of projects, businesses and organisations. We’ve already added many of these to our database – and profiled more than fifty on the website. We started with around 4,000 entries, and we’re now up to more than 11,000. Our plan is to create an online directory of slow, seasonal and sustainable food choices for the UK and beyond.

The aim is that wherever you are, you will have access to the best information for local, sustainable and slow food shopping, eating and learning. Search for information when at home or find stores, restaurants and places to visit when you are out and about. The bulk of our research so far has been for the UK and Ireland, but we are now beginning to add entries for other countries.

Standard Listings are, and will always remain, free of charge; although there are some paid-for upgrades. Listing owners can alter and upgrade their listing at anytime. Whether you are UK-based or situated elsewhere, please add your listing. Just check we haven’t added it already. If we have, use the ‘claim’ button to make it your own. All new listings, upgrades and claims go through moderation to check credentials. Upgrades include social media links, extra pics, longer descriptions, embedded video, a PDF attachment, print magazine subscriptions and blogging via our site.

We’ve created over 400 categories and sub-categories so the directory is extremely wide in scope. If you can’t find a suitable category, let us know and we can point you in the right direction or make an addition. The categories include shopping; eating out; farming & retail; learning & courses; information, labels & organisations; food people; waste, reuse & repurpose; home growing & cooking; and places to visit & stay

Readers can browse the directory in a variety of ways and search the map on national, regional or even street level. If you log in, you can select your own favourites, build your own lists and (eventually) add comments and ratings. As the directory starts to fill up, you’ll be able to find entries close to your home, or nearby if you are out. And each listing has its own map, with travel directions embedded – for walking,
public transport or driving.

The first 240 listings are online so please take a look and try out the directory. Your feedback will be very useful in helping us to fine tune the system while we add more entries. We should have 1000 online by Christmas.

Volume Two: Soil
And, for our print subscribers and magazine readers, the second print volume will be completed soon, with the third and fourth following quickly. To say we’ve endured “second album syndrome” would be somewhat of an understatement. It’s been very difficult, and at times, not much fun. We’re nearly there now and hope it’s worth it.

The magazine is, and will remain, our priority. The print project has become much bigger than we anticipated and has consumed more time, resources and money than originally planned. What started as an idea for a small quarterly magazine (think 32 pages, and more like a newsletter) has morphed into a 132 page journal and a weekly-updated website. Each issue contains around 60,000 words and dozens of pictures, with many writers and contributors. Volume Three: Sea will follow in January and Volume Four: Air in March; thereafter we will publish quarterly.

We’ve also been researching the first two supplements on British cheese and artisan spirits (lots of gin!).

Thank you, as always, for your patience and support.

With best wishes, Gavin Markham & Kieran Jefferson, editors

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