In order to add a listing to Locavore’s directory you need to register with our site. Please sign up now; once registered you will be taken to the listing submission form where you can add your details.

You also need to register to access the additional directory user’s services such as favourites, comments and ratings.

And you need to register first if you’d like to claim a listing as your own.

If you are already registered, please sign in.

The default submission form is for the free standard listing. If you want to select one of the paid-for options, please do so before starting to add your details.

Once registered with Locavore, and after your listing submission has been authorised, you become the listing ‘owner’ and you can edit or upgrade your entry at any time. You can ‘own’ multiple listings; you don’t need to register more than once, but you do need to submit a new submission form for each entry you want to add.

Please note that all listings submissions (new entries, upgrades or edits) will be moderated by one of Locavore’s editors before publication. This is to ensure the integrity of the information in the Directory.

Any queries, drop us an email at


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