Take the Happerley Challenge: only eat what you know for a week

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Farmer & author Adam Henson leads the first Live Happerley Challenge, starting on Moday 26th Feb.

How easy is it to survive for seven days only consuming food and drink you can trace back to its origin?

The Live Happerley challenge is to eat and drink only food and drink with known origin, back to seed or birth, for a week. It is designed to raise awareness of how little consumers know about where food is from and help drive change for a more transparent and traceable food industry.

It’s run by Happerley, the food provenance organisation on a mission to create an honest and transparent food industry for the benefit of all. The first challenge kicks off on Monday February 26th.

Shoppers across the UK are being urged to try for themselves and feed-back on their experiences on Twitter @livehapperley, Instagram and Facebook.

Visit www.livehapperley.co.uk to find out more.