Inclusion Criteria

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Locavore’s Inclusion Criteria: local, slow, seasonal & sustainable…

Listings, news, stories and editorial coverage will be based on some or all of the following criteria:

  • Seasonal, local and sustainably produced food, as well as organic, biodynamic, slow, traditional, vegetarian and vegan options;
  • Fairtrade, ethical & natural materials used in production;
  • Sustainable sourcing & footprint monitoring in the growing or manufacturing process;
  • Renewable, reduced, reused & recycled inputs;
  • Carbon reduction & minimisation;
  • Waste minimisation & recycling;
  • Sustainable development & CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility);
  • Corporate structure, outlook & ethos;
  • Green design, closed loop & whole-of-life thinking;
  • Traditional, artisan & handmade;
  • Local services & projects;
  • Global thinking, local action;
  • Social & community involvement;
  • Membership of accreditation & monitoring bodies.

We don’t expect every entry to meet all the above criteria (not all will be relevant in any case) but, as a minimum, we do expect entrants to consider their impact upon the planet and their locality as closely as possible.

We want to provide the greatest array of local, slow, seasonal and sustainable options possible so content will vary from light green to dark green. Inevitably, some inclusions will be greener, more sustainable and fairer than others. We don’t intend to be prescriptive, or to preach; the aim is to provide a more local and sustainable choice and better information wherever possible.

We also recognise that greening a business or an organisation is often a process that cannot be achieved instantly. So we will also include organisations that have started but not yet completed the process of greening their operations.

Equally, we want to avoid greenwash so any decision on inclusion will be at the editors’ discretion. If we think a company is undertaking certain actions just to look good or to gain a marketing advantage without any underlying adherence to sustainability or our principles, we will discount it.

Please note that in any print editions listing descriptions will usually be cut to around 75 words per entry, due to space constraints. Some entries may have descriptions longer than 75 words – but the length of description in any print edition is entirely at the discretion of the editors.

Named Contact & Address

We do require that a submitted listing should have a contact email address and a named contact from the organisation submitting the listing. These details won’t be published, but are required by Locavore and the Green Guide Ltd for verification that the listing is genuine and requested by the organisation or individual in question. These contact details will also be used to keep the entry up-to-date.

As this a map-based directory, it is not currently possible to remove the physical address from the listing submission form. We can, however, reduce the amount of detail in a published address. For example, if you work from home and don’t want your house number, street or postcode made public. Please drop us an email to make sure we get this right for you.

We also require a physical address at the time of submission to verify you are who you say you are.

You may also request that any or all of your address and telephone number should be excluded from print publications. Email us to do so.

SEO agencies & Digital Marketeers

Please note that we will usually ignore any listings submitted for inclusion that originate from SEO agents or a digital marketing agency. We require listings to be submitted by the organisation itself, with an accompanying contact email address and a named contact. Please ask your client to email us directly at authorising any submissions you have made on their behalf.



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