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  • Ruby Violet – Tufnell Park


    We are based on the borders of Tufnell Park and Kentish Town, a little jewel in the heart of Fortess Road, from where we serve our delicious ice cream and sorbet. We take time to create our flavours, for example the toasted coconut is made by cracking then peeling the coconuts, grating, toasting then soaking in the milk and cream for 2 days, straining then churning. All the dairy ice cream is made in small batches, using seasonal fruit prepared daily on the premises. In the summer the mint, rhubarb, apples and honey are all sourced from within a few miles. Blackberries and damsons come from Julie’s home village of Flintham in Nottinghamshire. Julie decided right at the beginning to only use organic milk, free range eggs, British or fair trade sugar. We use no artificial preservatives and all our tubs are biodegradable and compostable, and we recycle our spoons. The ice creams all contain egg yolk. The sorbets contain no dairy. All the sorbets and ice creams may contain traces of nuts, as we use the same equipment and although it is cleaned thoroughly between each batch we cannot guarantee a completely nut free product. We’re always open to suggestions for new flavours and are very willing to experiment, so please contact us with any ideas. Ruby Violet also offers catering for special events and weddings and runs ice cream and so

  • Caroline’s Dairy Ice Cream


    Caroline’s Dairy is a multi award-winning company producing luxury handmade ice cream and sorbets from their working dairy farm in West Sussex. The ice cream is made in small batches, using only the milk from their cows which is then combined with carefully sourced ingredients and locally produced fruit to make over 20 delicious flavours of ice cream and five sorbets. Since launching in 2008, the company have come a long way but still make their ice cream in exactly the same method – using the rich creamy milk from their herd of cows to create the ultimate smooth luxury ice cream they are now renowned for. With a strong customer base, Caroline’s Dairy supplies a range of eateries and retail outlets across the South from local pubs and restaurants to farm shops. They also supply to The South East National Trust and Southern Co-operative stores.