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  • Kentish Town Vegbox


    Vegbox is a community-led organic vegetable box scheme based in Kentish Town in north London, with a weekly selection of fresh seasonal produce, sourced as locally as possible. We are: Local and seasonal – we source as locally as possible, and work within the limits of what is seasonally available in England. A consumer co-operative – our customers are our members. Low carbon – our members collect their weekly vegetable bag from community pick-up points around Kentish Town, a sociable way of cutting down on pollution and air miles. Not for profit: any surplus we make will be re-invested in the organisation and in growing projects. Fair trade – we’re harnessing the collective buying power of our community and providing a regular outlet and fair price for small-scale organic farmers. Accessible – we aim to make our weekly organic vegetable bags as affordable as possible. Low waste – we only order what we need each week and any left over after packing is given to local partners – currently The Fields Beneath cafe, the Calthorpe Project, Ladies and Gentlemen bar, and Camden Homeless Solidarity Space. Ambitious – by working together, we want to help build an alternative economy in which we support sustainable farms and consume our food more mindfully.