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  • Stepney City Farm


    We are a working farm in Tower Hamlets; one of the most deprived and densely-populated boroughs in England. We use sustainable agricultural practice to produce safe and healthy food and other products. We operate particularly for those who by virtue of youth, age, disability, financial hardship or social circumstance can especially benefit. We aim to strengthen our community by addressing existing social divisions. We develop the potential and skills of our community through education. This diverse programme covers agriculture, healthy eating, rural arts and crafts as well as the protection of the environment by encouraging reduction, reuse and recycling.

  • Stepney City Farm – Farm Shop


    The Farm Shop is open Tuesday-Sunday selling eggs from our chickens, ducks, geese and quails, seasonal fruit, herbs and vegetables grown on the farm and delicious foods made by local suppliers, such as chutneys by Newton & Pott and teas from Joe’s Tea Co. Farm-reared meat is on sale occasionally, usually in November.