What readers say about Locavore

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Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to say good things about Locavore. We appreciate every message. Here are some of the comments received since our launch.


Just a superb magazine.

Shane Holland, CEO Slow Food UK, @slowfooduk


I cannot say how impressed I am by your first issue. Beautiful in concept and content, it is a very exciting new publication.

Craig Camp, Winegrower, Troon Vineyard, Oregon @CraigCamp


It’s almost as if they held a focus group and asked “what does the perfect magazine for Richard look like?” Amazing weekend reading from @locavoremagazine @magalleriabath Long journalism celebrating everything that’s right and good about food – slow – seasonal – sustainable

Richard Buckley, Acorn Restaurant, Bath plantstastebetter


Coolest new kid on the block @locavoremagazine. Bravo!!

Anna Koska, gremkoska


 “The first issue is simply stunning – congratulations.” (via email)

“And a superb publication it is too. Long live the printed word” (via Twitter)

Netherton Foundry, @NethertonNews


Hurrah @locavoremagazine for getting it bang on! At last! Food writing that counts!

Kim Smith, mcgowankim


Issue 1 of @locavoremagazine has arrived and it is a triumph. If you are remotely interested in food; order it immediately.

Nine meals from Anarchy, nine_meals_from_anarchy


Late to the party, as ever, can I add my voice to the praise being heaped on the new @locavoremagazine? A terrific read for anyone interested in food, with some fascinating and properly in-depth articles.
I am shallow enough to have turned first to pieces written by people I know … take a bow, @millerstale and @thomeagle … but I shall be poring over this for many happy and engaged hours to come.

Linda Duffin, linda.duffin


Oh, heaven. After a long, cold day doing the street food thing, I found treasure waiting for me at home from @locavoremagazine
How beautiful is this cover?

Jenny Maltby, spiralskies


Fascinating long form food and sustainability writing in @LocavoreMag. Well written, beautifully produced.

Polly Robinson, @FoodSafariUK


I have just downloaded the magazine and it is truly beautiful, engaging and serious all at the same time.

Sara Gregson, @TalkingGrass


What an amazing achievement. …I take my hat off to you all for creating something so different. 

Mark Diacono, Otter Farm, @MarkDiacono


Just got this today and it’s brilliant! Highly recommend

Jake Buchan, thecharmedpot

Oozes quality doesn’t it!

In reply to Jake, Craig Worrall, edible.leeds